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Cloud Computing in Germany Survey

Since its premiere in 2017, it has been the objective of the Cloud Computing in Germany survey until today to provide a picture of the current status and a forecast of the future development of the German market for cloud computing solutions from the provider’s perspective. We have been conducting regular surveys on software-as-a-service and cloud computing since 2009. This enables us to identify current trends as well as trend reversals in comparison to previous years’ surveys.

Cloud Computing in Germany Survey 2024

For the Cloud Computing Market Barometer Germany 2024, we once again asked cloud service providers based in Germany and companies that offer cloud computing consulting services in Germany for their current assessment of the status of the German cloud computing market. Of course, we also wanted to know how they see the further development of the German-speaking cloud computing market and the further development of their own cloud computing business.

cloud computing in Germany survey 2024

Highlight 2024: Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing

As with last year’s focus topic – crisis resilience and cloud computing – this year’s topic was also obvious: the use of artificial intelligence and, in particular, the use of AI technologies in companies is currently one of the most important topics, and not just in IT.

Given the current hype surrounding ChatGPT & Co, the main aim was to find out how the cloud computing companies surveyed are dealing with this hype, whether they have already integrated AI technologies into their cloud services and what connection they see between the topics of artificial intelligence and cloud computing.

Cloud Computing in Germany - Survey Results

The results of the Cloud Computing in Germany Survey 2024 and the findings that can be derived from it have been summarized in a comprehensive report. 

In addition to presenting the latest data and facts from the current 2024 survey, the current figures are also compared with the results of previous surveys.

This comparison is then used to derive interesting trends as well as trend turns.


The Cloud Computing in Germany Survey 2024 surveyed the following areas:

Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing

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