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GBC IT MARKET RESEARCH connects you with B2B IT decision makers across Europe to find out, what they think about the latest IT trends, major IT technologies, vendors and investments.

What really excites me is the knowledge gain when questions become certainties. That makes me realize that I know something that others don't.

Research Examples

plus another 150+ surveys and trend studies

More than a decade of IT market research

For more than a decade, we have been supporting IT companies in the B2B market segment in designing and conducting target group-focused surveys and trend studies.
While our regional focus lies on the German-speaking market (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), we also conduct survey projects in other Central European countries (U.K., France, Benelux, Nordics). 

Werner Grohmann

“We see our core mission in providing our customers with the market data and insights they need to gain a competitive advantage. And this in a market such as the B2B IT market with rapid technological changes and new challenges every day.”

Werner Grohmann

Head of Market Research, GBC IT MARKET RESEARCH

Research Services

IT Market Research

Comprehensive and in-depth analysis on a specific IT topic in a selected European market.

IT Market Comparison

Comparison of the importance of a specific IT topic or the adaptation of a specific IT technology in different European markets.

Survey topics (examples)

AI in customer service – IT backup strategies in medium-sized businesses – BizOps – Building Information Modeling (BIM) – DevOps – colocation & cloud computing – digital workplace trends – digital time tracking & project controlling – digital workforce management – Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) – GDPR readiness – GDPR compliant email archiving – customer data management – intralogistics – managed services – SAP S/4HANA migration – SAP security – secure data exchange between companies – warehouse management, etc.

Survey participants from all over Europe

Our survey participants include C-level decision makers, IT professionals, executives and department heads from all major industries as well as the public sector. Geographic regions covered include:

Personal invitation, anonymous participation, detailed and honest answers!

For each individual survey project, we research and evaluate suitable participants (region, company size, industry, position), contact them personally and invite them to participate in the survey.

  • We do not use third-party panels or contact lists and do not spread the survey URL on social media. Most questions are mandatory to get detailed information and insights. Only fully completed questionnaires will be included in the final results.
  • Participation in our surveys is generally anonymous. As we know from many conversations, this is nowadays – especially when C-level specialists and executives are approached – the central requirement for their participation.
  • On the other hand, remaining anonymous gives participants the opportunity to respond openly and honestly, without regard to public opinion or the official opinion of their employer.
Important note: None of our survey participants receive any incentive or financial compensation for their participation.

Despite the fact that participation is anonymous, we receive personal feedback from some of the survey participants in response to the survey invitation.

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